About Wine-Wall.com

Like many businesses out there, Wine-Wall.com started from a passion for wine. This combined with some creative minds and an entrepreneurial drive launched Wine-Wall.com in September of 2001. Our original website included 1 family of products known as the "Exibit" line of wine racks. After a few years of selling this product and establishing our brand across the web, our family of products quickly grew based on customer demand and our interest to keep Wine-Wall.com as a competitive and "go to" source for wine racks and wine accessories.

Nearly 10 years later, Wine-Wall.com is still continuing to grow, adapting their products and adding new products in order to remain as the premier wine rack and wine accessory website on the internet. With customers all over the world including Sweeden, Spain, Australia, France and even South Africa, our mission is to provide the best and most personable customer service possible while delivering a quality product.

In 2009 Wine-Wall.com expanded our growth by acquiring FinestWineRacks.com, another well-established wine rack and wine accessory provider online. FinestWineRacks.com's product line was similar to that of Wine-Wall.com's - that is - high quality and innovative so combining the strengths of the 2 companies allowed for an even better customer service experience and a unique product selection.

In 2011, Wine-Wall.com launched its new website to meet the needs of more "current" web browsing standards with a super friendly navigation and product selection interface as well as having a presence in most social media networks like Twitter and Facebook. Our recent website represents around 5 years of customer feedback wanting a quicker, safer order experience while offering a descriptive product page and recommended product add-ons and/or suggested products.

Going forward, our mission is quite simple. Keep providing exceptional customer service and unique, functional and elegant products for all those passionate wine lovers out there. Whether you are a wine "newbie" looking to mount your wine bottles, a restaurant wanting to have a unique wine display wall or a "home wine maker wanting to store your seasonal production, Wine-Wall.com will be there to provide you with a functional product or a customized wine storing solution. We've worked with thousands of customers to deliver a customized wine storing solution so feel free to email us with the space you have in mind and the quantity of bottles you have to store!