Affiliate Terms

The Affiliate Terms & Conditions (the "terms") are made by and between (""), and you, as an Affiliate utilizing the service ("You", "Your", "Affiliate").

You must agree to abide by the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement in order to participate. Please read this Agreement carefully before registering and using the Service as an Affiliate. By signing up for, you indicate Your acceptance of this Agreement and its terms and conditions. If You do not accept this Agreement, do not use the Service as an Affiliate.

The following agreement is summarized as follows:

  •     You place our affiliate links anywhere on your site as you see fit, or within non-spam emails.
  •     Adult, Hate, or other related sites are not allowed and the affiliate account will be terminated right away and the account will forfeit the outstanding commission balance.
  •     You will be paid your commissions, at such time as your account balance is $50 or more.
  •     All statistics are collected and calculated by, and will be the only valid stats used for determining commissions.
  •     As an affiliate, you can only have 1 account. You can list multiple domains in one account, but only one account is allowed. Self-referrals for affiliate or merchant accounts are strictly prohibited.
  •     All affiliate accounts agree to be paid only via Paypal.
  •     You won't hold us liable for anything, a link to a Web site does not mean that endorses or accepts any responsibility for the content or the use of such Web site.
  •    You cannot SPAM. We will terminate your account on the first offense of SPAMMING. Do not send email to lists or groups that you do not have permission to send to. We cannot stress this enough, we WILL terminate your account on the first offense.
  •     You may place banners or links within your newsletters, in content of your website, or within other web related content.
  •     Affiliate accounts that are left inactive will be removed from our system  and their balances will be cancelled if equal to or less than $25. An abandoned affiliate account is defined as any account that has not been logged in to for a period of 6 months, nor have any transactions been posted to that account. If one or the other of those conditions are true - the account will remain in an active state.
  •     NOT ALLOWED: All other uses of banners or links, such as newsgroups, chat rooms, ICQ, message boards, banner networks, hit farms, counters, or guestbooks etc.
  •     Failure to abide by these rules could mean termination from a given merchant program, or from completely with a complete forfeit of commissions.

If you have any doubts or questions or concerns regarding our affiliate program, please email us at for clarification